All-in-one That We All Need!

I am generally not the kind of person that wishes harm on anyone or anything, but I am going out on a limb to wish that our 30 year old pressure cooker just dies right now! It has lived a wonderful life and served us well, but now it’s time for it to make way for the next generation!

My wife has a strict policy about bringing new items into the house (especially the kitchen) when there are existing alternatives. That seems logical enough, but I am through being logical! We are talking about an Instant Pot, which has been winning hearts, minds, palates and stomachs the world over! If you have been living under a rock and therefore have not heard about this magical kitchen product that apparently “everyone” must have  – it is an electric pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker,  saute/searing pan and food warmer! It seems that you might even be able to steam clean your carpet by combining it with a Roomba (I am working on the design for this right now! 🙂 ). The Instant Pot was invented in 2010, right next door, in Canada, by some ex-Nortel employees. All of our friends and family have had it for years and we are under a lot of pressure to join the group. We’ve been resisting all of their brain-washing efforts for years 🙂 .  Actually, mostly my wife has been standing strong. As for me, I am easily tempted, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets. There isn’t a single infomercial on TV that I did not watch over and over again (open mouthed and wide-eyed) wondering how they were able to throw in – “this and that” and “also that” for  4 easy payments of $49.95 plus shipping and handling of only $29.95. As you can imagine, I have fallen for these gimmicks several times over the years. Some were good, but most were duds!



There are millions of followers for the Instant Pot worldwide and there are dedicated user groups on Facebook and other social media, for these folks to compare notes and share recipes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these folks have weekly get-togethers to sing the praises of the Instant Pot and maybe even go door-to-door with pamphlets to convince folks about the one and only savior in the kitchen! I have seen Instant Pot recipes on Youtube (like a sweet-toothed diabetic in a donut shop) for making mouthwatering delicacies in every possible cuisine. In addition to the usual (and expected) Biryani, Sambar, Pot Roast, Chilli, Baked Potatoes etc, I have seen recipes for  wine, beer, yogurt, masala chai and even dog food (Wow!!). Once you own one of these, you are on a mission to convert everyone to your way! Some of my buddies go with the aggressive sales pitch – “you could cook that in half the time and use the time you saved to convince others to buy Instant Pots!”. Of course, that makes perfect sense to me. But, as mentioned earlier, I am the one that easily gets carried away by kitchen gadgets.

           Instant Pot Duo                      Instant Pot Chicken Curry for the win!!!

Some of our friends have 3 or 4 of them on their kitchen counter-tops. Each one for a specific function, in order to whip up an entire 4 course meal at once. My daughters go with the soft approach – they post their food creations on social media  and our family Whatsapp groups and then rub it in. “See! If you had an Instant Pot, even you could have made this!” At parties, these folks take turns trying to persuade us with their  tag-team recruiting approach. Thanks to my wife and her strong ‘belief’ in our pressure cooker,  it seems that there is no room in our hearts or on our counter-top for yet another gadget.


I will keep working on my wife to change her mind (wish me luck!). Meanwhile, please add your best Instant Pot recipes as well as your best argument to convince my wife, in the comments section below..  🙂


Author: Yash

I immigrated to the US in 1983 from India. I feel that I have been here long enough to not be called FOB (Fresh-off-the-Boat) by my kids. But I guess they seem to have some other standards which involve pronouncing words like "Vote" ,"Vending" and "Video" properly - which I guess I will never achieve (because of my 21 years in India) - so, I am going to pass myself as that Indian with an "exotic" accent!! My interests : WRITING - Just realized that most of my work so far has been Nostalgia-centric. I enjoy this genre and feel it's an un-ending well that I can draw from. As a matter of fact, this right here is fresh nostalgia for 10 years down the road!! (-: GOLF - I am terrible at it and it's a damn frustrating game, but I still love it ("painful pleasure"). One of these days I will actually take lessons so that I won't embarrass myself too much on the golf course. As long as there are golf courses around here (with low standards) that would allow me to play - I will play and enjoy golf!! STAND-UP - I have started dabbling (performing) in stand-up comedy recently and am loving the feedback I have been getting! I am going to attribute this newfound hobby to mid-life crisis! :-) (as an alternative to a toupee or a red sports car or a girlfriend-on-the-side!!). Here's clip of my very first performance on April 14th 2019: MUSIC - I am a huge fan of Shakti (John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Vinayakram, L.Shankar) as well as their later avatar - "Remember Shakti" (John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Selva Ganesh, Mandolin Sreenivas, Shankar Mahadevan). Thoroughly enjoyed the two live concerts that I attended of this fusion group. I enjoy Hindustani and Carnatic classical instrumental music. YOUTUBE - YouTube has an unbelievable amount of entertainment from which you can draw your specific narrow niche!! In my case - these areas happen to be - street foods from various parts of the world, Indian classical music, debates about religion & belief, Indian Classical Music played by non Indian (e.g. Ukrainians doing wonderful Bharatanatyam, a French lady performing amazingly in a Carnatic Concert, a Chinese lady teaching Bharatanatyam in China etc.)

8 thoughts on “All-in-one That We All Need!”

  1. I am like Uma.. I like my pressure cooker and old fashion gadgets. I am worse than you. I have an Instapot and I never ever use it.. it is way too big and occupies way too much space on my counter and my husband likes the ‘nothing should be on the counter look’. So, if it cannot be put away (Instapot is too big for my kitchen shelves and sits in my basement!) 🙂 Also, with just the two of us being here, honestly I do not see much value in one big pot! I like to layer in my pressure cooker. I made dal, boiled potatoes and steamed plaintains (for tomorrow’s koora) all in 20 mins or so with my old fashioned pressure cooker! So there!

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback.. but I can’t show this to Uma. This won’t help my case! 🙂

      Seriously though – I am the one who likes to experiment in the kitchen, and I will continue to do that (with or without the Instant Pot), whereas Uma is not a huge fan of cooking (as covered in one of my earlier blogs ( ). The last gadget that I insisted on getting, the AirFryer, actually turned out to be a great one and proved itself worthy of the Kitchen counter top real estate that we allocated for it!

    1. Totally agree Deepak! Thanks for your feedback. I like your very diplomatic response – start with flattery and while that pleasantly distracts, slip the 2nd part of the sentence in! Will pass that along to Uma.. 🙂

  2. My comment is not going to help your case Yashodhar. I bought the Roomba vacuum thing a few years ago but it is not even out of the box. That example is shown all the time to stop me from buying anything else!

    1. Diwakar – You have to be ready with your list of Sarees or Jewelry that they buy and never or rarely use! That is the only way you will stand a chance in this dog-eat-dog world! “Husbands of the world unite!!” 🙂

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